2013 programme

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For each concert there is a Programme Download link for mobile devices. These are in PDF format.  

Tuesday 30th April

17:30 Concert 1 - Fixed Media, Television Centre

Fixed media works from Staffordshire University MSc students

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Wednesday 1st May

11:30 Paper session 1 - Room D116 Lecture Theatre

Tom Shave: Accomplishing genre transition in hybrid works using the concept of the hybrid continua.

Duncan Chapman: Secret and Shared Sound Worlds

Doug Rouxel: Developing an approach to active acoustic ethnographies

13:30 Concert 2 - Live, TV Centre (curated by Si Waite)

Si Waite

Ben Bengler

Su-SanE (Staffordshire university Sonic Arts Network)

Duncan Chapman and Isobel Jones

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15:30 Concert 3 - Fixed Media, TV Centre (curated by Doug Rouxel)

Benjamin O’Brien: Diptiq

Damian ORiain: Distant Early Warning (Side-B)

Kamil Kosecki: Electronic Worms in your Brain

Bob Lewis: Quaoar


Nikos Stavropoulos: Nyctinasty

Nichola Scrutton: Fretwork

Danny Saul: Blow

Gordon Delap: Sympathetic Magic

Manuella Blackburn:  Javaari

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17:30 Concert 4 - Fixed Media, TV Centre (curated by Ben Ramsay)

Ben Ramsay: Volmet North

Dale Perkins: Tilt

Jason Bolte: PuttnAround


Ben Fowler: Deliquesce

Tom Shave: Drop the Towel

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Thursday 2nd May

11:00 Paper session 2 - Room D117 Lecture Theatre

Tom Williams: 
Voice (a retracing): an emerging lexicon

Rajmil Fischman: Handmade musical expression

14:30 Concert 5 – Live, TV Centre (curated by Marc Estibeiro

Marc Estibeiro - Five short pieces for Saxophone and Electronics

         Ben Cottrell Baritone Saxophone

Takayuki Rai - Sparkle 

Katharina Rosenberger - Nodes 

Matthias Muller - Extension 

Martin Schlumpf - Puzzle

         Matthias Muller Bass Clarinet

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16:30 Concert 6 – Fixed Media/AV, TV Centre (curated by Dave Payling)

Williams Tom: Voice (a retracing)

Oliveira Joao Pedro: Bloomy Girls

Stevens Joe: Reinventing the Landscape

O'Donoghue Paul: Pretty in Pink

Payling Dave: Colour Mirror

Dolton Aaron: Iris

Harris Louise: cs2

Wright Tom: Glass Shatter


Elezovic Ivan: Images of Isabella¹s Dream

Monopoli Nicola: Juicy Joyce - Subvocalizing (at pre-speech level)

Cooper Tim: Shortwave ­ Soundwave

Mogensen Rene: Electric String Water Machine

Tarren Chris: Resonance

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17:45 Concert 7 - Live & Fixed media, TV Centre

Su-SanE (Staffordshire university Sonic Arts Network)

Rajmil Fischmann

Joshua Mailman: FluxNoisations

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Friday 3rd May

11:30 Paper session 3Room D117 Lecture Theatre

John Dack: ‘Noise’: continuous and/or discrete musical material

Roger Thomas: CIRCE: a resource for participatory acousmatic improvisation.

Joshua Mailman: Improvising Synethesia: Comprovisation of Generative Graphics and Music

14:30 Concert 8 – Fixed Media and AV from Leeds Metropolitan University, TV Centre

More information soon…

16:30 Concert 9 - Fixed Media, TV Centre (curated by Ben Ramsay)

Ben Potts: Ouvrir

Simon Atkinson: Interiorities

Andrew Reeman: Rise From Slumber


Brona Martin: Lamenting

Bill McGetigan: 56K

David Berezan: Thumbs  

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